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Warp3d and AHI problem on Pegasos 2?

PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:27 pm
by dh1
Hi all!

Please help!

I have a Pegasos2 NG Amiga computer.
Pega2 G4 74xx Apollo 999 Mhz + 1024 mbyte RAM
On OS4.1FE (all latest patch installed), there are problems with Warp3D and sound!
BUT! Also on this machine under MOS 3.11 is all good!
So no HW error! But then what could be the problem ?!
See Youtube Videos, please! Changing the AHI settings does not help!
There is an EMU10K sound card in the machine, but the problem remains!
Any idea?! Thx!

OS4 video:
MOS video:

A another video, OS4 Wings Battlefield... the problem remains!

Sorry bad videos!