SAM460: 90% of the time crashes during soft-reset

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Re: SAM460: 90% of the time crashes during soft-reset

Postby djrikki » Sun Feb 26, 2012 8:47 pm

Touch wood, I've never had any major problems with my SAM 460, its only a year old next month. I think once the sound drivers are finalised, hans concludes work on the Radeon HD drivers and 4.2 is out of the woods hopefully this will just fade away.

Can't wait for 4.2 and Timberwolf to be complete - this is gonna be a huge milestone reached in the AmigaOS's long illustrious history.
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Re: SAM460: 90% of the time crashes during soft-reset

Postby nbache » Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:06 am

xenic wrote:Even though newer computer cables like SATA & power cables are easier to insert and remove, they don't seem to make connections as reliable as older ribbon and power cables.
You can get SATA cables with little snap locks on the plugs; I can recommend those, they make a much more secure connection. I used to have similar problems in my Sam460ex, where my HDD sits vertically, and the cable made some semi-sharp bends. After putting in the cable with locks, I havent had any problems. I now use them in several of my machines.

I'm not sure if similar solutions are available for the power cables, but those never gave me such problems here.

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