Copy command memory leak

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Copy command memory leak

Postby Castellen » Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:45 pm

Hi OS3.1.4 team, thanks for all the hard work on delivering OS3.1.4 and the update.

Unfortunately 3.1.4 c:copy v45.3 and v45.4 in the update both appear to have a memory leak. One of the jobs of this A4000T is a webserver, which calls the copy command for each webserver file request, which essentially performs a "copy filename console:" to send the requested file to the current TCP socket.

It's worked fine for 15+ years with the OS3.9 copy v40.1 and the updated v40.2 from Aminet. The problem with OS3.1.4 (and update) copy is that all 140MB of system memory is consumed in a day or so.

Checking memory lost overnight just now I see:

Code: Select all
13.System:> avail
Type  Available    In-Use   Maximum   Largest
chip    1883472    197296   2080768   1854844
fast  101899600  44901040 146800640  79681788
total 103783072  45098336 148881408  79681788
13.System:> date
Tuesday 09-Jul-19 21:11:04
13.System:> avail
Type  Available    In-Use   Maximum   Largest
chip    1883472    197296   2080768   1854844
fast   70545552  76255088 146800640  55483644
total  72429024  76452384 148881408  55483644
13.System:> date
Wednesday 10-Jul-19 06:49:18
13.System:> version c:copy full
copy 45.4 (09/12/2018)

Works out to be about 31354048 bytes lost in the 460 webserver accesses logged over that time period, or approx. 68161 bytes every time the copy command is invoked.

Could you please have a look at this for the next round of maintenance? No hurry, as the workaround is to simply use the v40.2 copy command for now.

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Re: Copy command memory leak

Postby Gulliver » Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:05 am

Hi Castellen,

The copy command had a problem where it did not release its copy buffer.
We have already managed to fix that issue.

Thank you for the report.
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