OS3.1.4 ROM problem with uae4arm on Raspberry Pi

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OS3.1.4 ROM problem with uae4arm on Raspberry Pi

Postby Ned » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:19 am

I have a Raspberry Pi with the full NOOBS system on it. I have also installed uae4arm on it and have a configuration for OS3.9 on an A4000 running successfully. I recently acquired OS3.1.4 for an A4000, but I am having a configuration problem that I need help with.

From my os3.1.4 download I have taken the ROM file called unsplit_unswapped, renamed it to kick314.rom, and placed it in the same directory as my other ROMs for uae4arm. Then when I go to my new UAE configuration file I can locate this ROM and then save the configuration. But then when I load this configuration and check on the ROM, the ROM entry is now blank. I have yet to be able to save a configuration
with this ROM.

I have been able to choose this ROM and then start the emulation and when Workbench is loaded, I can use the pull down menu, click on About, and it says that I have Kickstart 46.143 and Workbench 45.194 (which I think are correct).

I have used the Amiga Forever utility Transrom to extract my kick314.rom to another file, but then the diff utility says that the original and my new copy are identical.

Does anyone have any idea as to what I need to do in order allow uae4arm's configuration to save my kick314.rom file away?
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Re: OS3.1.4 ROM problem with uae4arm on Raspberry Pi

Postby thomasrapp » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:05 pm

You better send this question to the uae4arm support because it surely does not have anything to do with Kick 3.1.4.

If uae4arm is similar to WinUAE, then it tries to identify known ROM files by their CRC checksum. Of course the new ROM is not yet known. In WinUAE this manifests so that it does not say "KS ROM (A4000) rev 40.68" but it shows the actual path and file name. Maybe uae4arm does not have such a proper fallback solution for unknown ROM files.
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