OS3.1.4 modules disks Why/what`s the difference ?

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OS3.1.4 modules disks Why/what`s the difference ?

Postby Mark Sealey » Sat Oct 27, 2018 2:48 pm

Hi all......hope you are well... :D

Question: Whats the difference between the A600/A500/A2000 modules disks....? I seemed to have more joy with A2000 modules on my A600 than i did with A600 Modules when i did my Install....Are they CPU specific...?

My A600 has 20/33 88882/40 And wonder if im running optimized files/OS.


Mark :geek:
Mark Sealey
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Re: OS3.1.4 modules disks Why/what`s the difference ?

Postby Gulliver » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:10 am

Hi Mark,

Doing fine here, thanks for asking. :D

They are not cpu specific, they are machine specific. It is mainly that the A600 modules disk has scsi.device (to handle the internal IDE port) and card.resource to handle the PCMCIA slot whilst the A500/A2000 dont have those for obvious reasons.

So, if you are using the A2000 modules disk with your A600, it means that you are still using the old versions of those two components. So you will loose large drive support and have a little bit less compatible PCMCIA slot.

You should use the A600 modules disk for better performance and stability.
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