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Re: X-Surf internet connection

Postby Hotblack » Tue Sep 27, 2016 8:25 pm

duga wrote:I suggest you forget Timberwolf and use Odyssey instead.

I guess you are right, because these is absolutely no install files in the timberwolf.lha that I once again loaded from os4Depot.net.

There is for sure no random.device on my version of AOS4.1 FE DVD

Odyssey it is :)
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Re: X-Surf internet connection

Postby nbache » Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:12 am

Hotblack wrote:Still I cannot find the random.device on the AOS4.1 FE DVD.
There is no file named "random.device".

There is - or should be - a file in Devs/DOSDrivers called RANDOM, together with its icon (RANDOM.info) with an image of a pool ball with the number 8.

If this is in Storage/DOSDrivers instead, move it over to Devs/DOSDrivers.

It should have one tooltype: "ACTIVATE=1", and the contents of the file itself (a plain text file) should be what Tony posted earlier with the reference to L:Random-Handler (which of course should also be found).

That should be it - at least after a reboot.

But you may find that you simply have too little memory in an A4000 to run either Timberwolf or Odyssey properly. You could try NetSurf or even IBrowse.

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