Crash altert and better crash task isolation from OS

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Crash altert and better crash task isolation from OS

Postby vox » Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:13 pm


Even with updated 4.1.8 AmigaOS crashes. App crashes alone, and in my opinion gives way too info. Log could be saved
and send instantly to testers and the team, as in Linux. It could be replaced with 2.0 styled Guru Alert that would
just give general info and continue. Doesnt need to be full screen surely :-)

Inspired by OpenBOR crash when resolution is changed ... on-openbor

Yep Huno i know that, however i just i wonder if it was possible to "workaround" or just "skip" this kind of crash in case a user didn't set these particular not-set-yet video resolutions, instead to lead to crash maybe a simple warning message can be added ?
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