Preparing HDD or CF card for A1200 on Os4.1 NG (X1000/Sams)

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Re: Preparing HDD or CF card for A1200 on Os4.1 NG (X1000/Sa

Postby thomasrapp » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:50 am

Erm, actually I meant the USB disk with the SDH4 partition on it.

All I can see here is that I have to change the way how HDDReport deals with unknown partition types. Your Linux data surely is not at risk.

And you gave three partitions the same name (dhx). I would give them descriptive names like for example LINUX_BOOT, LINUX_MAIN and LINUX_SWAP. But that's only a matter of taste.

Why do you use FFS for DH4 while all other Amiga partitions use SFS?
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Re: Preparing HDD or CF card for A1200 on Os4.1 NG (X1000/Sa

Postby Shamron » Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:25 pm

Oh, you wanted a hdreport on sdh4? Haha, my bad. I will conjure one as soon as i get back to that computer. do i just run it with sdh4 mounted, or any special command?

About sdh4, it is on a cf card on a cf adaptor on usb and as far as i know, to read an sfs/pfs partition, the respective handler must be in the current running os's L directory?

I didn't name the patitions, Linux did that itself. :-P

As for the one FFS partition, i read in a post that instead of messing about with messydisk (not correct name i fear) or something else to get a partition common to both Amigaos and Linux for easy transfer of files between the two, making it a DOS/3 partition and mountingit in linux was quite easy it appeared.

Yeah, i expected my linux partitions wasn't in any danger. :-)
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