string.gadget (strgclass?) objects losing focus

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string.gadget (strgclass?) objects losing focus

Postby chris » Tue Nov 04, 2014 8:51 pm

When a string.gadget or subclass (eg. integer.gadget) has focus, and the window becomes inactive, when that window is made active again (either by the OS, or by clicking on the titlebar, not on any other gadgets) the gadget does not regain focus. Actually clicking on the titlebar seems to be enough to make them lose focus, I don't know if NotePad has some special handling, but texteditor.gadget in NotePad does not exhibit the same behaviour - yet there is a delay so I think it is being handled specially. I'm unsure if it propagates further up to strgclass.

I think the correct behaviour is if the user has re-activated a window by clicking on the titlebar (or other non-gadget area), the gadget that previously had focus should regain it.

MUI appears to handle this sensibly.

This bug prevents the key-pressing feature of KeyShow from working as expected in standard text gadgets.
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