USB Stack Issue still unsolved...

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Re: USB Stack Issue still unsolved...

Postby Lio » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:45 pm

On my X-5000 I also get my mouse moving too fast from time to time (maybe 1 out of 5 reset) ! really annoying and a pity.

The only thing I can do is reset or disconnect/reconnect. Since I dont want to go behind the tower each time, I decided to plug a USB hub and connect the mouse to it, easier to disconnect on the desk rather than behind the tower laying on the ground under the desk...

how can you show how nice and shiny is your Amiga to someone when something like that happens ?

The mouse is a logitech laser M500 (in case it would help) and the event log are the following :
I: [22:43:20] hub.usbfd | HUB | Device found on port 4 of hub "".
I: [22:43:20] hub.usbfd | Hub port | Device at port 4 of hub "" is low-speed.
I: [22:43:20] USB stack | New Fkt | Fkt 0x6ec63b70 at level 3
I: [22:43:21] hub.usbfd | HUB | Device on hub port 4 successfully added.
I: [22:43:21] USB Fkt Init | Init Fkt | Fkt 0x6ec63b70 is {Vendor: 0x046D, Product: 0xC069, Class: 00.00}
I: [22:43:21] USB Fkt Init | Init Fkt | Fkt 0x6ec63b70 ("Logitech","USB Laser Mouse","") initialized
I: [22:43:21] hid.usbfd | HID driver | USB Interface bound
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